Healing from our national nightmare will begin in 2010

It is very hard to believe that's our national nightmare under team Obama has been in play for merely one year! However, if you look at the damage done in that brief period you will see that more carnage has been inflicted upon America than in almost any period in our nation's history.  The list tragedy is long but just focus on three areas.

1. Employment

The unemployment rate was 7.6% in January and now stands at 10%. By the way, the initial weekly claims jumped this week.

2. The House's new budget proposal for 2010 is a staggering $1.1T. This is an outrage but team Obama will add to this and most willingly sign on to this.

3. National Debt is being put on an untenable path by team Obama.

Upon Inauguration: $10,626,877,048,913
As of Dec 9, 2009: $12,079,739,352,131
Increased by: $1,452,862,303,218


No one can honestly say that team Obama has not failed America.

We need to replace them starting in 2010.