Finally the people see Obama as a failing president

Obama poll hits new low according to Gallup.


Obama is so bad of a president he has dropped to (47%) approval in the most recent poll.  No president has fallen this fast dating back to president Truman.  I hope that many who voted for him will seek redemption and vote for someone who can do the job in 2012.

Obama is so unpopular that the liberal LA Times has posted: Shocker polls: That Sarah Palin-Barack Obama gap melts to 1 point

This is a huge blemish on team Obama and I suspect that if this trend continues the Dems will look to someone else in 2012.

Given team Obama has given the American people double-digit unemployment, rising government spending, the largest deficits in history and ongoing Afghan war casualties it is no wonder Americans feel Obama is a failure.

Please make sure that you tell friends and acquaintances just how bad Obama is so populist sentiment drops his poll numbers even further.