Please Someone Help Our Family: Kin in Foster Care

By Heidi Willey-Hersey

When I was young my mother left my father for her own reasons. I met my father when I was about 16 and have not seen him ever since. I tried to find my bio family with not much luck due to a grandmother who did not want to tell me. So I pretty much gave up on it.


Then In October of 2008 I received a letter from Easter Seals stating that I had two cousins ages 14 and `16 in the foster care system. They were my first cousins on my father's side of the family. I was very excited I called them right up and made an appointment for the lady to come and meet our family. It happened so we met the girls on Nov.12 2008 great! Then we began visiting them each weekend we would travel 2 hours each way to see them, the foster mother did not help us out at all meeeting us half way or anything.


We were then told by the social worker that if anyone in the family wanted to adopt them then they should do so. We tried to do this however we were told that we have too many children of our own to adopt them: Our own Children are 20 and I am a legal guardian to a young girl 19, a 17 year old, 13 year old, 6 year old and 4 year old.


Then we were allowed to have one of the girls come over and spend the weekend during xmas break. However the other one could not because of her job. So this created a bit of an issue the girls got into an argument over the phone. Teenagers will do this I stayed out of it.


After the xmas break I was told to back off by the social worker and not to see the girls and let them initiate contact one of the girls the one that visited kept in contact by computer right along. Until recently when she was told she could never use the computer again. So the social worker told me again when I asked when we could see the girls to let them initiate the contact I told her one of them was until she had all priviledges taken away.


So now there is no contact and I have hired a lawyer. We love both of these girls and want to adopt them. Please can anyone help us? I run a childcare program out of my home, my husband works at a waste facility, I home school my children, volunteer as a Sunday school teacher and have a clean background record. 23 years ago my husband had an assault charge however the home study lady said that was no big deal. Which we are geting annuled anyhow.


So we have been cleared for the girls to visit whenever they want to that we are safe. But, now we are being told that the process is moving too fast to slow it down and we just met them. Please help our family be together and not leave them in foster care. We can love them unconditionally and this could be their forever home. Our lives have been turned upside down. We were sought out by the state allowed to visit found to be safe and now can not have any contact. I want my family together.

Please if you can find it in your heart to help us we would be most grateful.

Heidi Willey-Hersey
Wolfeboro NH