The last name giveth...

By Dave Jarvis


Today, as predicted, America is being exposed to intense, mind altering levels of Bush family generated toxic waste. For those who need proof, read “Family of Secrets,” by Russ Baker, the latest expose on the Bush family honing in on the secret life of the elder Bush. It was published last month and is quickly making headway into America's frontal lobe. The American intelligentsia are currently reading quite shocking and as yet underreported details surrounding the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, and numerous other apocalyptic scandals. For some of us it was all to be expected, but the confluence of this new slant on history with the worst economic crisis since the great depression bodes ill for the American political system, especially for anyone who served any length of time as the elder Bush's “bad cop.” Today, any Bush crony in GOP politics is a drag on the image of the Republican Party and only hurt Republican chances in 2010.


The elder Sununu's strategy of going out and raising enormous sums of money while hysterically stamping out dissent forms the cherry on the cow pie. Being the protector of “moneyed interests” in a depression never helped anyone. And focusing so heavily on money so quickly after a resounding defeat is like chum in the water for Democrats. It's almost like admitting intellectual bankruptcy. What John Sununu suggests for New Hampshire Republicans is similar to the strategies of struggling monarchists in in the eighteenth century; use money, power, and personal influence (shock and awe), and squash all dissent. And while that theory works nicely twenty three hours out of the day, there's at least one hour when it is notoriously counterproductive, and guess what time it is...


Republicans today need to bend their ideals to the needs of the public. Success can be arrived at by finding where conservatives can offer new solutions while still retaining the critical elements of their political theory. One area that is glaringly obvious is health care. Republicans can create a much more conservative health care system than exists today and one that reflects a culture of life, even while admitting the need for universal access. By choosing change over stagnation they would draw into view a stark contrast between themselves and the Republican Party of the past. And if they allow for the basic principle of universal access, a concept argued for by most religious organizations, they could send a jolt of new life through the Republican Party while solidifying their base.


But no one seems to want to tell Sununu the truth. That's one of the unlucky results of being notoriously cantankerous; no one wants to tell you the truth. And the truth is that no one in New Hampshire benefits from the Bush political banner waving above the GOP. The combination of “Bush” and “as usual” politics was unlucky in 2006, unlucky in 2008, and stands absolutely NO chance of gaining favor in the next two years. In fact, I can envision this whole situation turning quite ugly rather quickly with nothing but Democrats in office and nothing but horrible, scary, and downright dangerous facts about the elder Bush and his neo-fascist political machine hemorrhaging in the American psyche. The “Sununus on Ice” show looks to be our state's version of Napoleon's last charge at Waterloo, a hasty, mindless mess.


Now, I don't know how well the newly unemployed Sununu is doing. I can tell you that even commoners have some familiarity with unemployment and yeah, it hurts a bit. But he did go to school. He will survive. So, he and his dad should take some time out and read “Family of Secrets” and ask themselves if they might help Conservatives a heck of a lot more by sinking into the abyss of history. I suggest it. The voters suggested it. And under the sickeningly sweet surface, most of conservative New Hampshire is biding their time tolerating the resident dinosaur, all while agreeing that the Sununus need to go.


If John Sununu runs for Senate in 2010 he will find that Bob Smith is merely one of the bigger stones to fall into his shoe, and it's never the big ones you need to worry about. It's the pebbles that bring you to your knees. It's those tiny, almost imperceptible stones that drive you crazy that bring you face to face with your human frailty. For Prince John in 2010, they will be everywhere.