It's a Dirty Job

by Dave Jarvis

I never expected political success. I always felt the best a person can hope for in politics is a kick in the groin every now and then and that kick only comes if you are worthy enough. If it never arrives there is no real evidence that you are doing anything at all, regardless of your station in life or the position you may have been elected to. So it is my deepest desire to be insulted, abused, intimidated, and if I am good enough...permanently shunned from the pages of every mainstream media source. That is how I will know that I accomplished something.

I can say that I am close to achieving my dreams. My concerns about the senior Bush, verbally passed on to the Publisher of the Union Leader seemed to have had an effect. My op-ed submission relating those concerns, sent to every major news organization in the country was met by a deafening silence, the only response coming from the Boston Globe saying, (I'm paraphrasing) “Dude, we really can't use this but send some more!!” Andrew Cline, editorial page editor from the Union Leader has a rubber stamp especially made for me that says “Dammit Dave, No!!” And sometimes a few hours after posting a particularly heartfelt blog on NHInsider I hear a loud sigh coming from the west, from the direction of Peterborough.


Nobody agrees with me on a safe majority of issues. Virtually everyone thinks I am extreme. I have no followers, no sycophants, I don't even have a single understandable ideology that one group or another can relate to. All I have is people watching the blaze from a safe distance. And yet, I am pretty much always right.


Strangely enough, I seem to be the only person active in New Hampshire politics who both supports life and who advocates health care for all. That is not a testament to my own extreme politics. Instead it is a testament to the extreme nature of the society I live in. Everyone deserves to live. Everyone deserves the fullest efforts of the society they live in to protect their health. That's the nature of life. And those are the expectations of God on civilization, that we ardently respect the health of others. To secure that principle in human society God has sewn through history examples of societies that didn't sufficiently care for the welfare of their own people. They all finished in the bloodiest of revolutions. And societies that care for others always flourish.


I also write about the history of the Bush family and especially the elder Bush, but not because I enjoy it. I really can't think of a more boring, or depressing topic to write about. However, I am convinced that the secret history of the Bushes, a history that is not sufficiently understood today, is like a chemical agent waiting to be added to an already growing political fire. I am absolutely convinced that the slow dissemination of those family secrets will lead the American people to greater disillusionment with their country's leaders. Very few, if any, agree with me on this. But, someday soon people will see I was right.


Furthermore, a great number of the readers of this site feel I am way off base in my assessment of the dangers of a “fascist wing” of the Republican Party. “Fascist Wing” is actually a polite way of me saying that the Republican Party has been almost completely commandeered by fascists in our country. Ron Paul agrees. Pat Buchanan does as well. In fact, A great number of Republicans agree. The GOP has almost completely rolled over to fascists. And for those who don't understand what fascism is, fascism is corporatism. It is a belief that corporations should run government. And it has a tendency of turning a market economy into a cartel or possibly even a monopoly. We are living in a de-facto fascist political state today, even with our existing Constitution in effect.


For those who disagree I will offer a mental exercise. An oil man enters the White House, orders the invasion of one of the biggest oil reserves in the world and immediately threatens its neighbor, also an oil rich nation. Oil prices skyrocket. Recorded oil industry profits reach roughly a half trillion dollars for the last four years making the oil cartel potentially one of the biggest actors on wall street. Coupled with company funds set aside for investment purposes the windfall could make the oil cartel a major factor in our invasion of Iraq, a major reason for our current economic collapse, and quite possibly the owner of our nation today...or tomorrow. A trillion dollars in cash today in the hands of any individual or tight knit group of individuals is virtual control over the markets. Complete control over markets and energy would constitute the greatest concentration of power our planet has ever seen.


That the defense of corporatism among us by the “conservative” establishment comes so cheap is merely an entertaining footnote in history. Last summer Ed Naile and his “conservative” minions were defending the oil industry and $150 a barrel oil to the masses of newly impoverished Americans. Ed made sure to point out that he was never paid a dime for his efforts. Apparently if you take him to a spaghetti dinner and pour some cheap wine down his throat, Ed is yours. He won't even remember what happened in the morning.


Anyway, it's a dirty job. And doing it, saying what you really believe does cause some anxiety. Those of you who accuse me of being paranoid are not far off. I didn't start out this way, but saying things others aren't saying and doing so with passion has a tendency of creating attention. I never liked attention. And now, looking through the New Hampshire political blogosphere and seeing that if martial law were ever declared I might be one of the first one the authorities might have a little talk with (If I were them, the decision would be easy), and watching the Dow float downward toward five thousand while jobs are destroyed by the million every couple of months, the passionate voice becomes increasingly self aware.


For me, fearing the complete market crash involves a few other realities. Google is one. The complete inability to ever find work having written so passionately against my new “owners.” I'm not one of those who believe they will be sent to a concentration camp, but after a particularly furious opinion has been registered I remember that the world is not a pretty place and to every action is a reaction.


In short, I am afraid sometimes. I am afraid of these people who conjured a war out of nothing. I am afraid of their iron grip on energy markets. I am now afraid of their overwhelming influence on equity markets. I am afraid because I have been one of their most outspoken critics in New Hampshire. But you know what? Fear is awesome. Fear keeps you young. Fear let's you know you are alive, and you are free.


If you are not afraid, if you are not shunned, if you are not controversial, if you aren't a checking yourself with little pings of paranoia, and if you don't attack anyone to the point of your own peril you are not fighting, and you don't even matter.