Wake up New Hampshire!

Fifty-four percent of New Hampshire voted for "change" in the recent presidential election, but is this the kind of “change they believe in ”?


“Civil Unions” performed anywhere in the world now recognized in New Hampshire. Must we accept polygamy (multiple wives), which is legal in many Muslim countries, or Tibetan fraternal polyandry in which multiple sons in a family all marry the same wife?


How about “Civil Unions” now termed as Marriage in New Hampshire.


How do you feel about “Genderless" marriage officially being recognized, or about “Transvestites” now being free to choose either bathroom based upon their current “Gender specific” feeling, and with the right to bring objectors before the Human Rights Commission on charges of discrimination.


And oh yes, how about strengthening the Human Rights Commission, eliminating the right to trial by jury for defendants, but keeping that right for the complainants who may not agree with the decision.


Other changes you might not want to believe in are legalizing “Assisted Suicide”, denying parental rights of notification prior to performing abortions on their minor daughters, or refusing the requirement for signed proof of counseling prior to abortion for these same children.


Those are just a few of the social engineering bills pushed through the Judiciary Committee last week by the Democratic majority. Other “Changes” being pushed are increases in toll fees, and an 18-cent increase in gas taxes, a new tax on beer, another cigarette tax increase, casino gambling, and the list goes on and on.


Whether you were one of the 54% who voted for “change” or not, you are certainly getting it. If this is not the kind of change in New Hampshire you believe in, then tape the above list of “changes” to the door of your refrigerator and refer to it along with the voting records of your Legislators before the next election.


Voting records for all legislators can be found on the New Hampshire government web site at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/ie/, by looking up your specific Representative and Senator, and clicking on their voting record.



Robert Mead

Judiciary Committee
NH State Representative
Hillsborough District 4