Unwilling to make their case publicly, the Democrat majority in Concord is jamming a raft of fee increases and new taxes into the omnibus budget bill. Past practice was to hold hearings and debate such measures individually, but to avoid the harsh light of public scrutiny, the party in power is resorting to procedural shenanigans in order to batch-process their grab at the tax payers wallet. Now it will take cumbersome floor votes to check their appetite for more of your hard earned, hard saved assets.


Among the increases tucked into the budget bill are higher fees for vehicle registration, boat registration, hunting and fishing licenses, and paperwork processing. Perhaps most unworthy of this kind of stealth legislating is the insertion of a new state Capital Gains Tax of 5%. This will be a huge disincentive to anyone thinking about starting a new business in New Hampshire (and creating jobs in the process). It will also take a serious nick out of homeowner's equity when they sell a house. Retirees who need to cash in securities to make ends meet will feel the pinch as well.


New Hampshire residents deserve better than this. If the legislators can't look us in the eye and justify these increases, they shouldn't stick them to us through the back door. Make your voice heard and remember this slick maneuver come next election.


John M. Lord, Jr.