Yes folks, Matthew Killen is baaaaack! Epping’s own perennial office seeker and deliberative session jack-in-the-box is at it again! This time he is using the printed media to besmirch the character of honest candidates who do not agree with his personal agenda. Mr. Killen was soundly defeated in his several bids to be elected an Epping Selectman. So Mr. Killen believes, if you can not get elected yourself, use the printed media to attack the integrity of the other candidates. The Epping Residents for Principled Government, which I chair, prides itself in vetting and recommending candidates for public office. Mr. Killen with his excessive tax and spend leanings was never recommended by our citizens organization for elective office. We take offense to Mr. Killen’s personal vendetta against Mr. Pagnani and Mr. Irving stating that they “lack wisdom and honesty.” These two candidates are the exact two candidates recommended this election year by The Epping Residents for Principled Government for the positions of Selectmen. Their honesty is beyond reproach and their taxpayer awareness is keen. Unlike Mr. Killen we are unable to determine their respective wisdom capabilities. If wisdom were a requirement to hold office, most towns in New Hampshire would be short of candidates. However if past performances is any indication, we consider them to be quite capable of the requirements of the office. That is precisely the reason we proudly recommend Patrick Pagnani & Richard Irving for the office of Epping Selectman.


Tom Sutliffe,

Chairman ERPG