As New Hampshire Sleeps….

The Democrat majority continued their efforts last week to dismantle our “New Hampshire Advantage”. House Republican Alliance (HRA) members were unable to stop re-consideration of HB 415, the odd and dangerous “transgender expression bill”. Despite over four hours of debate using 13 different amendments to highlight the outrageous consequences of such irresponsible social engineering, we lost by one vote. The citizens of New Hampshire, however, are the real losers in these social engineering efforts that include same sex marriage, as New Hampshire potentially becomes a magnet for those with sexual abnormalities looking for the “San Francisco” lifestyle in New Hampshire. HB 415 will now go to the Senate and, if passed, on to the Governor for his signature. I would urge you to contact your Senator and Governor Lynch asking them to reject HB 415, which gives free rein to Transvestites, and cover to Predatorsto choose any bathroom, dressing room, or other sex-specific areas they feel like entering.


The Democrat’s nanny state agenda continued with the House passage of HB 383 mandating the use of seat belts despite the fact that New Hampshire has a lower fatality rate, and higher voluntary seat belt use than any New England state having mandatory seat belt laws. This elimination of your personal choice was primarily motivated by a one-time $3.7 million bribe from the federal government. The Democrats could hardly contain their delight at what they viewed as free money. They will get the money, but the price is your right to choose as they have sold every New Hampshire citizen’s right of free choice for $2.85 each.


All but one Republican voted against both HB1 and HB 2, the budget bills. The Democrat majority continued to ignore the current economic crisis passing a 12.5% spending increase which, when coupled with the 17.5% increase last term, amounts to a 30% increase in spending since they have been in power. HB 2, which details where they will get the money, now includes making retired state employees under 65 pay 11.5% of their pension for health insurance, an 8% estate tax, a 5% capital gains “income” tax, a 10% increase in the rooms and meals tax, a26% tax on tobacco (a 110% increase in three years), a beer tax, a new estate (“death”) tax, a 10% tax on gambling winnings including bingo, and a 15-cent gasoline tax over three years. It imposes an $83M local property tax increase, fails to fund promised school building aid, and fails to fund municipal revenue sharing. These items alone amount to $350 million, which for a family of four will mean over $1,000 in additional taxes.


Our one victory was the defeat of HB 647, which would have imposed such high fines on speeding that even some Democrats choked on this outrageous attempt to raise money.


To see your Representatives votes, go to , look up your Representative and click on their voting record. If you would also like to see how your Representative ranks on the Principles of Fiscal Restraint, Personal Freedom and Responsibility, Small Government, Free Enterprise, and Strong Family Values, go to the HRA website at and click on Score Cards.


Robert Mead
Judiciary Committee
NH State Representative
Hillsborough District 4