To the editor,


It is beyond my comprehension that Jaffrey’s Board of Selectmen has prematurely called for a special town meeting to vote on an article that was defeated on March 14. There is no guarantee that Jaffrey will receive a dime of the “stimulus money”, yet we forge ahead with a “Special Town Meeting” that will cost us several thousand dollars that we cannot afford.


On March 14, Article 4 covered $3.4 million for wastewater treatment plant upgrades, installation of pellet boiler, and sewer system improvements. This was to have been contingent upon receiving federal stimulus grants. It was defeated! We need to do the same thing on May 4!


What part of NOdoesn’t the Board understand! Our reasons are the same. It is a project that we cannot afford at this time and further increases in taxes and user fees will break the back of the elderly, those with low income, those living in apartments and mobile homes.


Jaffrey’s Sewer Rates are “unaffordable” and make housing “unaffordable”!


We must “trust” the Administration again because the proposed Warrant Article does not mention “stimulus money”. Remember, we were “promised” that the State would chip in several million dollars on the $12.84 million bond passed on March 24, 2007 but reneged and that cost us more!


Taxpayers “trust” is also stretched because the Superior Court has been removed from the “Special Town Meeting” process by a new law (SB39). This law gives local government bodies the ability to call special meetings for the purpose of appropriating stimulus money. Previously, towns and school districts had to petition the superior courts to permission to call a special meeting.


Why are we following Washington? If we cannot afford it, do not spend it! Vote no on May 4!





Richard H Olson