Senator Shaheen: RE: Your response on health care reform

May 13, 2009 

To: Senator Shaheen: 

Re: Your response on health care reform. 

Dear Senator Shaheen, 

I agree that United States Health care is in "crisis and contributes significantly to our economic problems. However, I disagree with Congress' approach to "Nationalize" health care and add more burden to your constituents' financial health. 

As a 68 year old senior,a veteran, and a person that "manages his own health needs, I have learned that throwing more money at the system and interfering with your constituents choices will not solve anything! Here is what I learned: 

  • A person must “shop” for the least expensive supplemental health care premiums. I trusted AARP and bought my insurance from them only to find that I save $50+ per month by changing to Anthem Blue Cross.
  • Congress should be part of the Medicare / SSI system and pay for what their constituents pay for.
  • I learned that a person must shop for “Part D” prescriptions. After studying the premiums and costs for my 12 prescriptions, I decided not to tale “Part D” but, instead buy 6 from the VA ($48/month) and 6 from Wal-Mart ($20/month) with no problem with the “donut-hole” costs. Can you imagine that Wal-Mart is less expensive than the VA? I avoid “Part D” premiums of $36 / month.
  • Why do healthcare providers advertise their services? This adds unnecessary high costs to their services. I know where, when, whom, or what I need for healthcare. Providers are wasting money on other things as well.
  • Why hasn’t the VA converted to “electronic systems” as routinely used by Private facilities? I can make appointments, order medicines, update my medical records, pay my bill, etc. at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and clinic. The best I can do wit VAMV-Manchester is order my prescriptions on line.
  • Why hasn’t congress fixed the problem of over billing, cheating, fraud that routinely takes place with SSI, Medicare and Medicaid? Closing these breeches could certainly reduce the costs significantly.
  • If our system is so “broken”, then why do our doctors go to other countries, why do non-citizens come to the USA for healthcare?

In closing Senator, the United States of America does not need to be “embarrassed” by our health care system. However, we should be “embarrassed: by or current economic standing and deficit spending!

 I attended a hearing the other night on a Bond Warrant Article to fund a $2 million wastewater treatment facility of which we would get $1 million from the “stimulus” funds. I relate this to the wonderful buys at Wal-Mart of HDTV sets. I can get a $2,000 set on sale for $1,000. If I do not have the $1,000, why should I go in debt for it if I cannot afford it!


 Richard H. (Dick) Olson Sr.