Shaheen: Responding to your message on the federal budget!

By Dick Olson


I love it when she says “bring fiscal responsibility back to Washington”. This means that she agrees with higher debt to bankrupt the country and higher taxes I guess! Plus the fact that 5 cabinet members don’t pay their taxes and Homeland Security Secretary calls me a “right wing extremist” because I protest the spending!


She does not have a clue!


Richard H. (Dick) Olson

Jaffrey, NH 03452-6165


April 30, 2009



Dear Richard,


Thank you for contacting my office with your thoughts about the federal budget. I appreciate hearing from you about this very important issue.


President Obama has presented a budget outline that establishes important priorities for federal investment. This blueprint calls for a commitment to excellence in education, increasing access to quality affordable health care, and reducing our dependence on foreign energy. The President's budget outline also sets a goal of reducing the deficit in half by the end of his first term in office.


I share President Obama's budget priorities and have worked with my colleagues in the Senate to develop a budget that makes the critical investments in education, energy and health care, while making adjustments to help ensure we meet our goal of reducing the federal deficit and debt over the years to come. We cannot wait to bring fiscal responsibility back to Washington, but during these challenging times we also must continue to invest in the areas of our economy that will lay the foundation for sustainable economic growth and create new jobs for struggling New Hampshire families. This budget achieves both of these important objectives.


Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me, and please do not hesitate to contact my office with any future concerns.



Jeanne Shaheen
United States Senator