Next 6 Months, Food For Thought

By David Baillie


Pastor Lindsay Williams was on the Rick Adams Show following up on the revelations he released almost a year ago, i.e. the -$50 barrel oil. According to the rest of this revelation we should start seeing hyperinflation and dollar collapse within the next 6 months, expect it, the same info just came out of the Bilderburg meeting via Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulan. Interesting sidenote.


That two-faced bastard Jerome Corsi was just on the Derry Brownfield Show talking about going to Palestine to write a book supporting the Israelis' desire to attack Iran, this book to be due in July. Zionist Christian moron. However, this does tie in nicely with the dollar collapse and the desire for a nuke war to start by Israel's hand not our own. Looks like the next domino is set to fall.


So, let me flesh this out a little.


The Bilderberg Group meets and all the poop out is that the dollar is going to tank, soon. This comes from Daniel Estulan and Jim Tucker, long time BG watchers. This ties in with Pastor Williams' releasing of info he discovered 11.5 months ago regarding the drop in oil prices, that the US will NOT attack Iran, though Israel is free to do so, and that in the coming year and a half the dollars will collapse. Okay, then the dollar is likely to collapse in the next 6 months.


Now, Jerome Corsi, who always plays himself off like a Liberty Conservative now shows his hand that he is a Zionist shill. He is going to write a book, ASAP, about how the Israelis MUST attack Iran for their survival, with or without US help, and accuses the Obama Administration of being Arab friendly. Can you believe this guy, Rahm Emanuel, the man holding Obama's leash, is an Israeli citizen, whose father was one of the original murdering kike terrorists that slaughtered Palestinians in the 30's and 40's. Keep in mind that Corsi, always very agreeable to 911Truth when on the Alex Jones show, disavowed this stance when he went out selling his anti-Obama book during election season. Corsi is a kissing someone's ass, and he isn't fooling me.


That being said, the global elites have decided that Israel is to attack Iran of its own volition. What does this mean? For one, they can bomb Iranian sites, but will the Iranians reply? Well, they now apparently have long range ballistic missiles (Yay, good for them) capable of hitting Kikeland, but sadly no nukes, THOUGH, they do have fissionable material, so a conventional warhead stuffed with uranium would make for a delightful long term city killer. Israel does have nukes and the means to deliver them (first strike?). So let's then assume that this could very well be an atomic war. Israel cannot take on Iran conventionally and Iran is unlikely to sit and take another beating.


We have several hundred thousand military and "contractors" (carpetbaggers) in Iraq right now with a Shi'ite population that is just as prepared to rise up against us as the Sunnis AND Iraq just happens to be on the way to Tel Aviv. Russia is in Iran's camp and so is China. GW Bush made it clear that even if Israel were to be the aggressor, we would back them, so now we are playing nuclear poker over this insignificant Kike puke country that causes us nothing but trouble.


Now, I don't know who is set up to win this match, Israel is always a winner with the elites, but they do seem to have our number up for a fall. So, it is safe to say that a war between Israel and Iran WILL absolutely create oil issues, the dollar is already being dropped by China, and the dollar will have nothing to stand on if the Middle East oil stops flowing because of a kike war and collapse completely. Thus the need to shut down the free web, engage the police state, etc. Hyperinflation for sure and a major loss of US military forces and equipment bogged down in Iraq possible, hence the particular fear of DHS of veterans who already know damn well that we aren't there for the right reasons to begin with.


Best Regards,


David Baillie

New England MediaWatch