NH DOS Questionable Practices

By Jean Coutu


Where in NH, unlike other states, thereare no means of prosecuting public officials for ethic's or oath's of office violations, this is how the NH DOJ & DOS handles ethic's & rights violations by NH state employee's or public officials complaints made to them by NH citizens. They bring false charges or seek retribution on you. This recent letter to the editor in a local paper is a good example:


Letter to the Editor:


It was heart warming to hear I was able to bring joy to several Jaffrey area residents in regard to my arrest in the April 30 Monadnock Ledger Transcript article man violates electricians rules. It appears in some cases to be opponents of my controversial methods to uphold citizens rights.


I'm a handy man of many trades in this area for almost 30 years. When it comes to certain trades requiring licensing there are exceptions written into NH contractor statutes. Occasionally on request,I mayadvise individuals or homeownerswishing toutilize these exceptions or their rightswiththeir securing their own permits and inspections where required.The D.O.S. contractors board has many questionable practices to thwart thesehomeowners rights. It also appears to have earned me my photo graph on their dart board up in Concord for assisting thesehomeowners withthe DOS'sconstantaccusations of these actions being illegal.


In the recent ice storm there were thousands of people in need of assistance with their generators. Electricians were tied up, parts weren't available, and thousands of people needed help.Unknown to many, when a state of emergency is declared it provides in part temporary relief under federal law from many ordinances to homeowners. Hundreds hooked up their generators where it required shutting off the main breaker. The lineman were well aware of this and were checking lines for generator back feeding as with hundreds ofreports of this to the State.A Dublin homeowner, one of many whom I had advised in trying to help local residents,accidentallyhad the main breaker on.Thankfully no harm done. When it came to theD.O.S. inspector's attentionthat I was the one who had advised this homeowner, heproceeded to follow them around Dublin threatening them in zealous pursuit of my arrest. Rightly so, thishomeowner had this investigator servedto go to court for stalking. Out of compassion the Dublin homeowner didn't pursue charges with only wanting their involvement in this vendetta to cease.Almost immediately after this court hearing in January the DOScontractors board requested charges be brought forwardonan old DOS case report investigated over a year agoin regard to electrical work on a hot dog stand in Jaffrey. Portable units, trailers, appliances don't require a licensed contractor. However, where the state has so much riding on this, I expectmy opponentswill have more to be joyful about in the near future!


Jean Coutu

NH CAACP, Jaffrey,NH