AARP, Healthcare Reform Legislation, and Party Politics

By Dick Olson


If AARP is a truly a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization for people age 50 and over, then the organization should not be supporting partisan issues and policies. In recent months, I have been astounded that AARP would;


1. Award Congressmen Franks and Dodd on housing seeing that they did not keep watch on the financial problems of the housing industry while encouraging loans to people who could not afford them and that they are profiting from it.


2. How can AARP support major legislation on healthcare reform when the costs to all are yet to be determined and Republicans have been blocked out of the decision making process and it will have a severe impact on small business?


3. How can AARP endorse and recommend healthcare plans (AARP-United Health) when the premium is higher than others? I had AARP United health until it was pointed out that the exact same plan would cost $50 per month less with Anthem Blues!


Clearly, AARP is in violation of the IRS ground rules for non-profits and I shall push to have this corrected until AARP becomes truly Non- Partisan!


Richard H. Olson.

Member #059360124 since 1991