US Rep Paul Hodes, Your vote yesterday in the affirmative for H.R. 2454

By Richard H. Olson, Sr.


To Congressman Hodes,


Your vote yesterday in the affirmative for H.R. 2454 is the definitive moment of the ending of your career as the Representative of District 2 in the State of New Hampshire and your hope of becoming one of our Senators. Circle this date on your calendar, so that you might remember the exact moment your fortunes changed.


From this day forward, your actions to cast your vote for this legislation will haunt you in ways you cannot even imagine. You have galvanized this constituent and thousands of others like me to actively seek your defeat in the November 2010 elections.


You have disrespected me and every other person in your constituent base by your vote.


Your thoughtless, inconsiderate, and completely uninformed actions will cause irreparable economic damage to my family, this state and nation should this legislation survive to become law. It is absolutely unconscionable for you to vote the way you did, when you were contacted by many thousands of your constituents directing you – yes, DIRECTING you – to vote otherwise.


Perhaps you have forgotten that you are the SERVANT of the people you represent. You are OUR employee. Businessmen hold their employees accountable for their actions. When they deliberately mislead us, lie to us, and go against our stated wishes, they have no choice but to fire them.


You have taken money from my family’s budget with your vote. You have swelled the coffers of Goldman Sachs with yet another commodity/derivative scheme known as “Carbon Credits”. You have based your vote on faulty science, which will be exposed by the next election.


I shall support any and all challengers to your seat in the 2010 elections, both with data and financial resources. I shall spread and opine on your shameful voting record as widely as possible from now until then. I will work tirelessly to track every vote you cast, and educate your constituents in the danger that you are, and the necessity to ensure your defeat in the coming elections.


And I shall remain incessant in my reminding you as to how I view your absolutely deplorable service to the residents of this District.


Shame, shame on you for this. Your family will look at your congressional career and ask you, WHY, WHY, WHY?


See you at the ballot box.