Here we go again!!!! In their not so subtle efforts to squash opposition to Sotomayor, the liberals, eagerly and willingly aided by the puppet main stream media has trotted out the race and gender card. Why are they doing this? One possible conclusion may be damage control from her rejected decision regarding the firefighter exam in Connecticut.

The USAToday article also references what they refer to as ethnic pride on the part of Sotomayor supporters, while stating that some Republicans see it as bias. Again, subtle but effective.

A director of the organization, Hispanics for a Fair Judiciary, is quoted: “There is pride that the nominee is a Latina”. Didn’t we have this same scenario last fall where it was widely and loudly proclaimed “There is pride that the presidential nominee is an African-American”.

That one hasn’t turned out so well, given the current state of our economy and the rapidly dropping poll numbers of Obama.

I am surprised that the Sotomayor supporters haven’t come forth and announced she is gay, which would give them the race card trifecta opportunity to paint anyone who opposes her as either sexist, racist or homophobic, or a combination thereof.

Perhaps they need to be reminded of Martin Luther King’s words where he said he looked forward to the day when people were judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin.

I worry about my freedom as an vote in public office the candidate of my choice, to exercise freedom of speech, to say what I please, to make a public critique without negative consequence, to live where I please, to put my children in any school I choose, to take my children out of school when I choose, to exercise my rights to liberty as originally mandated


All the above and more are being challenged by people who believe they are smarter than me (and you) and believe they know what is best for me (and you) and who want to mandate our action and behavior (and beliefs) by directives and legislation. Many of thesae folks are already in the offices of local regional/state and federal governments. They are mostly rank and file members of the democrat political party.


The Sotomayor nomination is another classic representation of the democrat party's biased thought, misrepresentation of fact, liberal/socialist banter, packaged as what's best for America and a "step forward". With the likes of Sotomayor in the Supreme Court could very well result in redefining and misinterpretation of law. For example: Be careful of making a negative public statement about a movie if it is produced, directed and acted by minorities, you might be charged with a hate crime.