Pelosi's Health Care Insurance Bill

If you have not read this article in today's (Tue July 15, 2009) USAToday, I urge you to do so then write your elected representatives in the US House if you disagree with this.

My comments appear below.

Another Obamanation. Something else the government controls and tells us what we can and can't do. I agree with Emes comments about car insurance vs health insurance. When an individual goes out and drives, they are at risk (to varying degrees) of having an accident that in many cases will involve another person and/or vehicle. Also consider that financial institutions will not give you a loan for a vehicle unless you have insurance.

For health insurance, this is entirely a personal choice. If you choose not to have it, and become ill, then the only one hurt is yourself. Therefore there is no logical or compelling reason for any government to force you to purchase it.

Unless of course you are living in the United States of Obama, one country, one party, one way of thinking, under Obama, with control by the few and freedom and liberty for none.