To AARP RE: Health Reform: Get the Facts!

By Richard Olson


TO: Bonnie M. Cramer, Board Chair AARP


REF: AARP Webletter of Volume 13, Issue 33 | August 14, 2009


The writer of this article is dead wrong when they say “But much of the debate is being driven by special interests that are deliberately kicking up clouds of dust to obscure the facts”.


First, the “final version” of the House or Senate legislation is not yet available and there are many provisions that have been discussed that are parts of the “myths” AARP speaks about. It has been the people’s voices that have led to amendments and revisions to eliminate these fears. We the people do not trust Congress or special interest groups like AARP and Unions to our healthcare or companies insuring us.


Second, AARP is one of the largest purveyors of “untruths” concerning Healthcare reform. The article I refer to is insinuating that opponents of the president’s reform are “special interests’ when we are concerned patriots and senior citizens. An example, the recent AARP TV Ad I saw last night showing a bunch of cars blocking an ambulance is untruthful, it is biased and partisan, and is illegal. It is illegal because AARP is choosing sides and that is not allowed under the rules of IRS guidelines for non-profits.


Third, AARP should endorse several healthcare providers rather than only one. All plans are the same! AARP has a conflict of interest by endorsing only United Health. I subscribed to AARP United health and recently switched to Anthem same plan and reduced my monthly premium by over $60.00. If anything, AARP should not receive a “kickback” on an endorsed provider but should negotiate for a reduced rate for its members.


Fourth, AARP should be advocating changes in laws that reduce the costs such as;

  • Institute Torte reform to limit abusive law suits and encourage people to become medical professionals.
  • Restrict lobbyists in the Health-care industries from access to and “bribing” our elected representatives. (This was a campaign promise Mr. President!)
  • Give equal access and benefits to elected officials and have them become part of the system. (Another campaign promise Mr. President!)
  • Take legal action against “bi-partisan non-profit” organizations that use their organizations to profit from healthcare. (AARP)
  • Establish / strengthen grants, endowments, scholarships for students willing to enter the medical professional field (Nurses, technicians, surgeons, Doctors) and encourage General Practitioners.
  • Establish a reward system to encourage cost control, control of infection, innovative healthcare, and better generic medications.


Finally, many of us seniors are against any program controlled by Congress. My suspicion is that “ObamaCare” will make healthcare providers withdraw so that the legislation will be paid for by all of us paying our premiums to the US Government. “Managed Care” means “limited care based on age and political connection.


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