Listen to Your Mother!

By Robert J. Giuda,

It is interesting that the Obama administration refers to citizens who assemble to speak out publicly against the explosion of unsustainable government spending and the intrusion of government into our lives as “mobs” incited by Republicans, and Speaker Pelosi implies that they are Nazis. If you tell a lie often enough, you’ll start to believe it. And if you keep on telling it, others will start to believe it.

Why are the Democrats spending millions on TV advertising attempting to marginalize groups of citizens who are exercising their constitutional rights of lawful assembly and free speech?

Simple. The Democrat elitists in Washington believe they know what’s best for us, despite overwhelming opposition by a majority of Americans to, for example, the bailouts of GM, AIG and the banks. Those supporting this “never waste a good crisis” rush to socialism don’t care what we have to say. They are, however, worried about the groundswell of political anger from the citizens upon whose backs will fall the monstrous burden of paying for their failed Keynesian policies.

When it comes to making huge changes to national policies such as health care and energy, one would think that prudence and caution would prevail. Yet this President and his Democrats are trying to ram universal health care and Cap-and-Trade down our collective national throats without allowing time for careful and proper review. Members of Congress are voting on life-changing legislation without even reading the bills. Why are they working so hard to deny us the time to study these issues?

My mother used to say, “Act in haste, repent at leisure.” She also used to say, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

In the case of Obama-care and Cap-and-Trade, no truer words were ever spoken.