If your care about the future say NO to Obama-care

While most folks feel our healthcare system can be improved it makes no sense to follow Obama's plan if you have any concern about the future.  I say this will strong confidence.

 1. Obama has not told us the specifics of costs or how it will be paid for.

 2. The CBO and many other non-partisan groups have attempted to surmise the costs of the Democratic plans in play and in each case, they would add significantly to the deficit.  If Obama-care is similar, we cannot afford it.

3. Obama has not ruled out the public option so until he does, we can assume Obama-care will be similar to the Democratic plans which will cripple our future economy due to high costs.


Just look at the current fiasco of Medicare, it is destroying the future finacial position of our nation. Do we have the capacity to pay for it? 

Just look at the mess our current government heal care program is in,  “Medicare's future liabilities are far more ominous than SS, at more than $89 trillion.”[1]  It makes no sense to create another program that we cannot afford.


I urge you to say no to Obama-care for the sake of future generations.


[1] Villarreal, Pamela. Social Security and Medicare Projections: 2009. 2009. http://www.ncpa.org/pub/ba662.