Why are some blind to reality?

I ask this question after reading some of Jim Splaine’s amd other Obama apologists' rhetoric on this site. While I have no doubt Jim and the others are bright and good people, they are also so blinded by leftist political think they cannot see reality.  People, look at the entitlements, they are bankrupting the nation to the tune of having future liabilities over $100T. How will future generations of American pay for this? 

Until recently, we have asked Japan and China to pay our way but they indicated lately an unwillingness to continue to fund our bloated federal government.  We are reaching the point of no return. In fact, it is so bad we have recently began to monetize our debt!

I find it very troubling is that president Obama is seeking to expand the government bloat with his new healthcare program.  A new government option for healthcare will surly follow the path of its predecessors Medicare and Medicaid and become another budget buster.

Jim, et al, please stop and think, can we afford, at this time, to create another long term liability that future Americans will be on the hook for?

Instead, please support common sense healthcare reform that uses market forces, tort reform, and targeted subsidies to bring lower cost healthcare to all Americans.