A Black President

Given the United State’s ugly past of salary, segregation and discrimination the election of Barack Obama tells us Americans that we as a people have been able to move some distance with respect to the issue of skin color. Are we a colorblind society? No, we have a ways to go here but we should acknowledge progress. Now having said that, we have a constant whine from those on the left that ‘people’ are racist for opposing president Obama.   This is far from the truth, people are just upset because they do not support Obama’s type of change. Face it, so far, he has only hurt the country with his poor decisions and great divisiveness.


  1. Voted for TARP to bailout Wall Street
  2. Supported pork-laden Omnibus budget bill
  3. Supported the wasteful and impotent Stimulus Bill
  4. Supports new job killing taxes on energy
  5. Supported the nationalization of private businesses include automakers and banks
  6. Is using a Trojan Horse Public Option to socialize medicine
  7. Supports War-Without-End in Afghanistan
  8. May possibly be subverting the Constitution by appointing Czars to positions of responsibility
  9. Showed great immaturity in his statements about Professor Gates
  10. Will soon ask Congress to increase the nation’s Debt Ceiling to support his unabated spending
  11. Is not working across the aisle on major issues as he promises
  12. Is overseeing a growing population of unemployed and doing nothing to help

If you net this all out, Obama is just a bad president who needs to be shown the door in 2012. This is why people are angry and not because president Obama is black.