Shame on You!

I have not posted on the front page lately but I am appalled at those here and elsewhere in the media and cyber sphere who defend Obama’s actions on the economy. What burns me is Obama supporters making excuses for his economic malfeasance . Look at the record, unemployment rising – there are families suffering here, foreclosures rising – children are losing their  homes, deficit is skyrocketing – future generations will be in long-term servitude to foreign investors just to pay for Obama’s wasteful government largesse!

People, these are undisputable facts and need to be brought to the forefront. We can never reform healthcare, improve education, become energy independent, and address climate change while our economy languishes.. 

I urge you all to call Congress and the White House and tell them we want economic growth and jobs and not excuses. If not, we can affect change again in 2010 and 2012!