Lets Get to Work for Scott Brown

Tom Lee

For the past several months I have been watching the Democrats role out their plan to take over the health care industry of this country.  The notion that the same folks that run the IRS would create a more compassionate healthcare system is laughable.  The idea that a government that borrows and prints money at-will can somehow bring cost efficiency to our health care system is appalling.

The healthcare bill only passed in the US Senate when politicians in Nebraska and Louisiana were bribed with massive federal pork programs.  Under these circumstances, how good can this legislation really be?  Do we really want the same people that operate in this manner to be running our healthcare system?  And more to the point, do we want these people running our government at all?

If elected, Scott Brown has stated that would vote against the ObamaCare.  He would stand firm against this power grab.

In 1787, a man on the steps of Independence Hall asked Ben Franklin what kind of new government we would have.  Ben Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it”

Every generation of Americans has risen to answer that call.  Our time is now. Its our turn.

The tea parties are over, this weekend its time to work.

Where and When:

The Scott Brown for US Senate Office

23 Stevens St.

Littleton, MA 01460

We are meeting to carpool down on Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday – Carpool Meet up in the SEACOAST AREA
Leaving from the Target parking lot
1450 Greenland Rd
Greenland, NH 03840

Sunday – Carpool Meet up in the MANCHESTER AREA
Noon – 6pm
Leaving from Macys parking lot
125 South River Rd. route 3
Bedford, NH 03110

Please feel free to call me at 674-2149