Paul Hodes "New Hampshire or Massachusetts?"

After voting in lockstep with the other Pelosites, it appears that Hodes has a lot of free time on his hands, and apparently nothing to do to help the voters in New Hampshire who mistakenly elected him.

So, in keeping with his marching orders from the DNC, he uses his time to write a letter on behalf of Martha Coakley's senate campaign. This action on his part, makes him to be not only the most useless person we have ever elected to "represent" us, but a truly despicable excuse for a human being.

Copy of his letter follows:

Dear chris,

Support Martha Coakley!The race to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts is a dead heat and Martha Coakley needs our help right now, today.

National Republicans, third party groups, and special interests are throwing millions of dollars into this race so they can gain a vote to stop health care reform. In fact, even New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Bill Binnie has appeared in an ad for a shadowy 527 to help national Republicans win this seat and stop health care reform.

The election in Massachusetts on Tuesday is important to every Democrat who wants to see progress in America.

There’s no time to wait. Click here to rush $5 or more to Martha Coakley’s campaign today and make a difference in this critical election.

Keeping Ted Kennedy’s seat in Democratic hands is absolutely essential to fulfilling Ted Kennedy's legacy and passing health care reform. We can’t afford to lose even one seat if we are to deliver on the promises we’ve made to the American people.

Republican hit squads are putting their 2010 playbook into action. They’ve brought in the same people who were behind the despicable Swift Boat ads to do their dirty work and spread smears and falsehoods about Martha Coakley. We just can’t let them get away with it.

There is too much at stake to let them succeed. Your support of Martha‘s campaign will help ensure we keep this seat in Democratic hands and fulfill Ted Kennedy's legacy.

We have less than 5 days to ensure Massachusetts elects a leader who will fight with us for the change we so desperately need.

Click here to make a contribution of $5 or more right away — any amount will help. Your support can make all the difference.

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