A Messiah Treading Instead of Walking on Water

 By Judi McLeod  Wednesday, January 20, 2010  Canada Free Press

There’s a bone-chilling, Siberian-like chill flowing among Obama’s czars today; a biting wind that can’t help but remind them that while seized power doesn’t last forever, the need to pay one’s bills does.

While the hippie czars were trimming their ponytails for the party bound to follow next week’s State of the Union address,  something called reality happened.

Some guy, not even a redneck, drove right through Obama’s image as the Messiah leaving it in smithereens.  It was a honkin’ green truck, and not even one of those dinky toys promoted by Greenpeace, Maurice Strong, George Soros and company!

The silence at the White House on the First Anniversary of the Obama inauguration is deafening.  But in order to see how they’re all feeling, all you have to do is to tune in on the histrionics of MSNBC where the tingle of the thrill is gone.

Call off the cops.  Obama senior adviser David Axelrod is not really missing.  He’s only hunkering down under all his astroturf.  Even the definition of astroturf: “Manufactured grassroots support”  is today an ironic Axelrod humiliation.  The manufactured grassroots of the Tea Party won big in Boston last night.

The fallout is rich in possibilities.  Perhaps it won’t be long before big-talking White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel will come tiptoeing across the stage exiting left in his crisis-seeking ballerina slippers.

Must have been a glum pajama party last night when slum landlord Valerie Jarrett, New Age Queen Oprah Winfrey and Michelle, the three women to whose apron strings the president is hopelessly tied, held their wake.

When it was all over their emperor was standing there with no clothes.

The magic, the tingle and the thrill were gone, and the the emperor left standing there was only another politician as vulnerable as any other. 

Worst of all it all happened on the very day when Madam Toussaud unveiled the wax form of Michelle standing next to her husband in a “fake Oval office.”

In reports of the fawning mainstream media, Michelle was still trying to find herself, to strike out for herself, to determine where to leave her mark.

Like many self-centered community street organizers, Michelle thinks it is important for us to know that she is still trying to find herself.  Still trying to find oneself at age 46 is absurd.

Having her wax form unveiled by Madam Toussaud’s on yesterday of all days was a disaster because they may as well have carved Scott Brown’s face on it. 

It’s over, the voters of Mass. took aim and shattered forever Obama’s image as “The Messiah”.

The last word here belongs to Canada Free Press commenter Turner Echols who posted these words this morning: “New Post-Election slogan: “So Can We!” 

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