Definition of Elite

Apparently there is a great deal of misunderstanding about the word “elite.”  Turning to Webster’s yet again, elite is a “choice part” or a “socially superior group” or a “powerful minority.”  Elite is a term that refers to people who believe that they know more or know better than others.  Elite is a term that defines rule by the chosen few over the common man.  Germany, under the National Socialist Party, was ruled by an elite group and those persons came from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

This is mentioned only because of a recent comment made in The Dartmouth, the collegiate paper in Hanover.  In an interview regarding my support for traditional marriage as between a man and a woman, the reporter was told that the current law was pushed through the New Hampshire legislature by a liberal elite.  Responding to that assertion, “State Rep. John Knowles, D-Hudson, said he disagrees with Ulery’s belief that same-sex marriage supporters are “elites,” citing their diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.”  Apparently the definition of elite is unknown by the good Representative.

An elite pushes their agenda with little regard for the views of others or the general public.  It is hardly, as the Democrat Representative stated, “grasping at straws,” it is a statement of fact.  The ruling party in Concord pushed this agenda and lost the vote initially.  But for parliamentary maneuvering, same-gender marriage would not exist in NH.   With the passage of same-gender marriage a select special interest group (an elite) was given special privileges over others in society.  It is important to note that in 31 states where the people have actually had a chance to vote, same-gendered “marriage” has been soundly defeated, including in neighboring Maine.

To me, marriage is a term reserved for the creation of a family.  As my wife reminds me, she is not a partner, nor a spouse, she is a wife and mother.  This is not and never has been a civil rights issue.  Nowhere in NH law were same-gendered people prevented from having a relationship or joining in union.  Nor should they be so denied.

This is an issue of definition and natural law.  Marriage is the denotation of a man and a woman joining for the purpose of creating a family. Without outside interference, it is impossible for a same-gender couple to create a family.  Natural law tells us that.  As Representative Cebrowski (R-Bedford) famously stated on the floor of the house, “You can’t make a PB&J with peanut butter and peanut butter.”

That is the issue, the whole issue and the only issue.  The relationship between a man and a woman is marriage.  The relationship between a man and a man or woman and woman is not, it is a civil union.  All three relationships may and should be based upon love and mutual respect, but only in one can a family be created, God willing, without outside assistance.

Jordan G. Ulery

Member 161st   New Hampshire General Court - House

Republican - Hillsborough 27