Illegal Immigration

Recently the State and Federal Committee was presented  HCR0023 presented regarding illegal immigration.  Apparently the Committee decided to demonstrate the term elite.  The bill was wholly changed, without input from any of the sponsors to apparently demonstrate how the majority party is fully invested in supporting illegal activities by what they obviously consider potential voters.

Occasionally bills get changed.  Common courtesy and collegiality demand that the bill sponsors be given the courtesy of notification of such changes.  If you are the ruling elite, such notification is not necessary, because the elite party knows what is best.

Judging from the responses on-line in the Concord Monitor to a news article leaking the bill changes, this silent, secret activity may not get the results hoped for by the still unknown “bill changers.”  It still remains a fact that as a Nation of Laws we rely upon adherence to the rule of law.  When people refuse to follow that law, the entire nation suffers.  Strangely, the proponents of ignoring illegal immigration actually condemn illegal aliens to the shadows and slave like living and working conditions.

As the commission studying Human Trafficking discovered last year, support for illegal aliens results in more and more abuse and ill-treatment.  Amnesty is not the answer, enforcement of existing laws and a firm determination that newcomers integrate, as did my forefathers, into the American way of life is the answer.

Jordan G. Ulery

Member 161st   New Hampshire General Court - House

Republican - Hillsborough 27