Making the NH Democrat Hit List!

By Rep Steve Vaillancourt (R-Hills15)

Rep. Mary Jane Wallner,
Rep. Marjorie Smith
While I haven't gone to your web site (nor do I plan to), I have been told by two people now that you are spending money raised by House Democrats on a web site listing me as one of the extreme 16.
Amazing!  Just amazing!
First that in a time when Democrats are imploding all over the country (and presumably in NH as well), you'd waste your money on such a silly venture.  If that's the kind of thing you do with funds, I guess I won't feel as sorry for you (and I was actually feeling sorry recently) when my prediction of a 250-150 GOP advantage in the House comes true.  (Jim Splaine says he hopes the Dems can get to 150 House members and eight senators; I have the Senate number at 10).  That means that on certain key committtess like Ways and Means, the GOP Speaker could have a 13-7 GOP split.  Boo Hoo.  As Paul McEachern said after the 2002 election (a quote I discovered going through reams of material from my old tv show), "Republicans will be able to do anything they want except print money!!"  Instead of concentrating your resources on saving Dems who are in big trouble but who are also outstanding Reps, (Liz Merry, Melissa Lyons, Melanie Levesque, Shannon Chandley,and Carol Friedrich to name just five), apparently you feel the need to attack someone like me who managed to survive the past two Democratic sweep years, who is in the only Manchester ward with a Republican advantage, and who has topped the ticket the past nine elections (primaries and generals included).  I don't mean to sound overconfident, but it seems that anyone really concerend with the Dem party would fish is better waters for gains.
Second point--Why would Democrats want to get me?  Yes, I'm a fiscal conservative, always have been (was one of only seven DEMOCRATS to vote against the income tax when it passed 194-190 in 1999), but I'm probably more of a social liberal than anyone else in the House on either side, and I'm not afraid to stand up for those principles.  Jim Splaine just yesterday told me that the gay marriage bill would not have passed without my efforts; since it only passed by a vote or two, I assume that's true, and I know that Republicans are going to work hard to kill it next year.  One would think that Democrats would want someone like me here to fight against the right wing element of the GOP, but apparently least not from what I've been told.  In case you haven't checked yesterday's roll calls, I voted with Dems on all five issues (something even Irene Mesier can't claim) one would think it would be Republicans who want me out more than fact, they could only find one other Republican to run in my ward while you Dems have two shameful No Show Reps running against me--don't take my word for it...check the records.  I have a 100 percent of them is below 50 percent, the other just over 60 percent the past year.  You should be ashamed for encouraging dead beats to run again.  At a time when we need all the people working we can get, you choose to attack me rather than the dead beats.
I suppose I should consider inclusion on your 16 site an honor, but instead I consider it an indication of just how stupid and venal the Democratic party is these days.
I hope I never lose the ability to remember those who have maligned me.
Steve V