By Representative Robert Rowe

          This 7th term Republican thanks you for running for the House of Representatives and congratulates you on your primary election win.  New Hampshire is at a critical junction after four years of Democratic control. We must return New Hampshire to a fiscally prudent, citizen friendly efficient government. To do this, we need a massive Republican majority. So in the next few weeks please campaign in as if there is no tomorrow.  Win in November. If you require financial assistance or campaigning advice, it is available to you from numerous Republican sources.

          After your November election, Republicans will meet and choose our Republican Speaker nominee and elect our Republican leader. Please consider the following thoughts:

          You have seen the voter attitude towards incumbents; much of the criticism is justified, and yet it is the incumbents who have institutional memory.  Their experience is vital in the Legislature. However, it will be the newer members who will control our caucus.  In January I expect first-term and second-term Republican legislators will constitute over 75 percent of our party members in the House.

          Always keep in mind that recent House history has shown that Republicans’ having the legislative majority has not resulted in Republicans’ control. Six years ago our Republican Speaker was elected by the Democrats, and as a result most of the social agenda was dictated by the Democrats and liberals. I say again - just by having a Republican Speaker does not equate to Republicans being in control. Even now, a Republican candidate for Speaker is a person who has been encouraged by Democrats, and has already promised positions in leadership to Democrats.

          At our November caucus we will elect our Republican nominee for Speaker of the House, and then we will elect our Republican Majority Leader. In my opinion, we have two highly qualified persons seeking the position of Speaker: Gene Chandler and Bill O’Brien. I have known each for over a decade. I like and respect Gene and Bill; both are quality individuals. The two of them together would make a great and invincible leadership team. However, my choice for Speaker is Bill O’Brien. Why? We need to honor and understand the past, but we have new challenges before us. We need new leadership policies, organization and programs; the Republican management methods of the past are not adequate. New Hampshire requires a responsible, but new thinking Republican Speaker to insure the House will follow the Republican Platform. Bill will do this. I ask that you vote for Bill O’Brien for Speaker.

          No matter who is elected to our leadership team, the Republican leadership battle cry should be: Lead as if we were a majority of only one.