Kirstein Is Clueless

Hardly a day goes by that some reporter isn't quoting a new bit of nonsense from paid Democratic staffer Harrell Kirstein, usually termed "party spokesman".   One would think that Chairman Buckley would have learned something after suffering the biggest loss in the history of New Hampshire politics, but Kirstein continues to make things up out of whole cloth with the media serving as his willing dupes.

Union Leader reporter Tom Fahey proved the biggest dupe of all when he quoted Kirstein as saying Speaker Bill O'Brien has "surrounded himself with a group of far right political clones" including Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt whom, it was suggested, got the job because he worked for O'Brien's law firm.

While it's Kirstein's job to be just plain silly, Fahey should have known and reported that Speaker O'Brien had nothing to do with Rep. Bettencourt becoming majority leader.  D.J. was chosen in an open vote of the Republican caucus--a democratic move Democrats would never allow--and the Speaker remained neutral through the process.  Certainly D.J. was not as "conservative" as another candidate, House Republican Alliance founder Paul Mirski, but neither Kirstein nor Fahey would stop to let the truth get in the way of a good slur.  When people elected 298 Republican Reps and 19 Senators, they sent a message that they wanted conservatives, a message Kirstein can twist but not negate.

Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, Hills. 15