What Census Data Tells Us

By Rep Steve Vaillancourt

While the census data released today is big news at the national level with Texas gaining four congressional seats (and electoral votes) and New York and Ohio each projected to lose two, the news for New Hampshire is not overly dramatic.
Total population of 1,316,470 means that the average State Representative will represent 3291 people and the average senator 54,853 people.  The NH population for the decade was up 6.5 percent, below the national average of 9.7 percent.  Interestingly, the state population is almost the same as it was in estimated numbers for 2008 when I used numbers to come up with approx 3300 per state rep and 55,000 per state senator.
Unfortunately, we do not know the city, town, and county numbers and probably will not know them until spring.  House redistricting must begin with the breakdown per county.  My work from two years ago suggested that Coos and Cheshire would each lose a seat with Merrimack and Belknap most likely to gain (with Strafford and Grafton on the bubble).