Dependence Day

Let’s face it: the day America voted for “change,” what we got instead was something more like the complete demolition of self-reliance, a most revered American traditions, dating back to the Declaration of Independence.  

“Change,” as it has become evident, now means that Americans no longer need to rely on ourselves or our families, churches, businesses, or other private associations to meet our most pressing needs. All we need is one entity: the federal government.

Out of work? Don’t worry -- it will “create” a make-work government job for you, by siphoning money from the private sector and destroying other people’s jobs.

Need a car or a mortgage or a student loan? You’ve come to the right place -- the only place, actually, since it’s taking over the auto and banking industries.

Need medical attention? This way to the Obamacare waiting room -- where the unionized nursing assistant will see you… eventually.

That, my friend, is the future the Obamacrats are preparing for us. Will they succeed? Only if we don’t fight back.

The burdens of higher taxes, soaring inflation, and widespread joblessness could well make the challenge of providing for ourselves and our families so extreme that we’ll not only stop resisting the drive for an all-providing Big Government, but we’ll start begging for it.

And that, frankly, is what the Obamacrats are hoping for.

Let's not kid ourselves: the Obamacrats are working overtime to make Dependence Day a reality by destroying our financial independence. Ultimately, they want to make us all permanently dependent on Big Government.

Locally, Jaffrey’s administration has decided to give all employees a pay raise. Certainly, the working taxpayers won’t be getting one.


Richard H. (Dick) Olson

7 School Street #D

Jaffrey, NH 03452-7105