Should The Tea Party Form A Third Party Or Be Absorbed By The Republican Party?

Fellow Conservatives, Libertarians and members of the various Tea Parties;


Although I am a member and District leader on a local Republican Town Committee; I think it would be foolish to become a third party or be absorbed by any party, Republican or Democrat.

We have political muscle and we've flexed that muscle, now even the Liberal Progressive news media is paying attention, as well as President Obama and those incumbents who are at risk. 

The two party system is too well entrenched; they’re just a vehicle or a means to getting people elected, too often they are insider groups of people having their own agenda, collaborating together in the background.  The politicians (players) have been exploiting the voters through the system; using whichever party will grease the skids for them.  As Glenn Beck said; the progressives (liberals) have infiltrated both parties.  It’s happened right here in my home town.

Let’s not re-invent the wheel, let’s continue to become a solid, united, coalition of INDEPENDENT, conservative and libertarian citizens bargaining with both parties, using the leverage we have in our sheer numbers.  Let’s get both parties to “reach out to us” bringing forth candidates that aspire to the same goals we do, and if they do not bring forth worthy candidates, let them know that we will solicit, groom, and present our own candidates to challenge theirs.

Unfortunately politics has become a corrupting force. Politicians are chameleons changing their color or positions to suit those whom they happen to be addressing at the time.

Often when you join a party hoping to bring forward some new and original ideas, that might be considered “rocking the boat” you’ll find that you might be intimidated by suggestions that you be a “team player” (go along, to get along). Try to buck the system, the establishment, and you’ll be marginalized or ostracized.

Both parties welcome new worker members but the hierarchy does not want to be displaced.

The whole country, the world is looking at our movement; who knows we might even inspire people from other nations to take control over their governments.  We need to continue to build, to educate, and to keep the momentum going.


Nick Fortunato

"The great pillars of all government...[are] virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor, my friend, and this alone, that renders us invincible."