I Did a Dumb Thing - Googled Bass and ended up at NHPoliticalReport

By Tim Condon

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 8:22 PM, 

In a conference call announcing his candidacy, [Charlie Bass] played to the conservative wing of his party – the Tea Party group. “I love them,” Bass said of the Tea Partiers. “God bless every single one of them. Their agenda is exactly the same as mine. They want a new environment in Washington, leaders who make a difference, and are as terrified as I am of the spending that's going on.”

The above just goes beyond normal political fudging of the truth. Charlie Bass must be exposed as an actual  lie-giver (as opposed to a law-giver). In case anyone has failed to review his record, the facts and opinions below come from the excellent Granite Grok blog, and should be spread far and wide to every voter in the congressional district where he's running. The fact is, CHARLIE BASS IS A FRAUD AND AN IMPOSTER! Spread the word please.

Charlie Bass - data points to consider

Charlie Bass

As I posted here, we met at a political event and the exchange was cordial.  I do know that as a fiscal conservative, social conservative, and TEA Party movement type, I have a real hard time with some of this voting record:

  • was for a state income tax as a NH State Representative.
  • voted "no" on requiring a photo ID to vote in Federal elections.
  • voted to allow minors to be transported across state lines for abortions without the knowledge or consent of their parents.
  • voted to continue the moratorium on offshore oil drilling.
  • voted to prohibit oil drilling in ANWAR.
  • voted "yes" on starting the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol.
  • voted yes on [the unconstitutional, we now know] McCain/Feingold "Campaign Finance Reform".

My take? [Charlie Bass says....]

  1. Let's vote for more revenue instead of less spending
  2. Let's artificially raise everyone's energy costs for about nil on actual results, and the money raised goes right into the Government coffers - do you REALLY think that this money would be used to lower OTHER taxes?
  3. We need a photo ID to buy cough syrup, but not to vote?  Hey, vote early and often!
  4. Parents?  Who needs parents (except for the aftermath)?  Sorry, but to me, abortion is the taking of an innocent life, so this is a two-fer.
  5. Moratorium and ANWAR - technology is sufficient to take care of the old problems (and see #2 above).
  6. See #2 again - and raises sovereignty issues.
  7. Sure, let's restrict the First Amendment and political Free Speech!