Divide and Conquer

By Nick Fortune

Tea Party people,

The liberal, progressive media is delighted with the current conflict regarding Glenn Beck and Debra Medina; the devious Dems are experts at stirring up trouble.  Don't let them do it! They coin terms like "tea baggers," "birthers," and "truthers" to stigmatize and divide us. 

The President, members of his administration, the Progressive Dems AND Republicans and the liberal media, all want to destroy Beck, by probing and picking at him as they've been doing to Palin.  It's "divide and conquer" We need to give our people the benefit of the doubt; the libs love when they can find a chink in our armor and drive a wedge through it.  Don't let them do it.   As long as this Tea party movement is united we can win, but should we get involved into specific issues on which we differ, that would be our downfall and it would destroy us. We have too much in common, too much going for us to have infighting "United we stand, divided we fall," "A house divided against itself cannot stand."