Hear me, See me

How apropos that “The Who” stood in the middle America’s largest stage, the Superbowl, and sang the words “Hear me, See me” from  Tommy. Isn’t this the current feeling of the country’s political arena? The citizens are screaming, “Hear Me!” Even after Massachusetts sent Scott Brown to deliver the message personally, the administration still isn’t getting it.

Here in New Hampshire there seems to be one person in the arena approaching the floor and he is asking what we want, want we need and he is listening. He is answering the tough questions and offering commonsense solutions. That man is congressional candidate, Frank Guinta. Mr. Guinta has been holding Town Hall style meetings across the state and is actually listening to the concerns of “We, the people.” He is not throwing the uncomfortable questions back into the box or telling people that he knows better, what is best for them. Nor is he asking any person to identify their party affiliation. He is listening to all of the people. I’ve been struck by the genuine conversations he has been having with the Granite State’s residents. Yes, conversations, not lectures.

Frank Guinta is listening to the tax payers of New Hampshire, I am confident that he will bring an independent voice to congress, one that is representative of all of our state’s residents so that the cries of “Hear me!” will finally be heard, our legitimate concerns addressed and responsible solutions respectfully offered.

Victoria Sullivan

Manchester,  NH