Healthcare Summit or ObamaCare Resurrection?

At a place called Blair House, President Barack Obama played host to a select small group of legislators to find "common ground" for passage of a healthcare reform bill.

Well, that was the White House's version, anyway. That's not what happened!

In reality, the so-called "summit" was an elaborate magic show, complete with sleight of hand, illusion and elaborate misdirection - all designed to resuscitate the once-thought-dead “ObamaCare” bill.

This political theater took place in the space of seven and a half hours.  The President had already destroyed the credibility of the meeting on Monday by publishing his Trillion Dollar plan that looks, coincidentally, a whole lot like the discredited Senate version of ObamaCare - including abortion funding!

We were expected to believe that legislators could deal with over two thousand pages of a bill that amounts to a government takeover of an estimated 16% of our economy in just a few hours! Unbelievable!

Of course, the President never had any intention of finding "common ground."  In fact, the invitation to the summit came with a PS:  If you don't go along with me, I have "reconciliation" ready in the wings!

The “fix was in." And from what we can see, this eleventh-hour attempt to ram socialized medicine down the throats of the American people is more dangerous than any that has gone before.

There was an even more telling activity going on behind the scenes this week by utilizing the same technologies and strategies that propelled him into office.

President Obama, who has failed to effectively govern throughout his first year in office, has re-hired his campaign staff to try to regain the popularity he enjoyed while running for office!

The highly orchestrated political theater we witnessed on Thursday would be merely pathetic if it wasn't such a dangerous and dishonest abuse of presidential power. The pressure is mounting as ultraliberal activists redouble the use of corrupt "Chicago-Style" politics of coercion and bribery that have so dramatically overshadowed Capitol Hill for the last year.

Here's just one measure of their audacity: When the American people cried, "Foul!" over the Cornhusker Kickback, the President then decided to extend the exorbitant bribe that bought Senator Ben Nelson to the ENTIRE SENATE!

Now, we have a sort of "Omnibus Kickback" on the table – all of it paid for by you and me, the hapless American taxpayers!

We need to respond to this challenge by calling our representatives in Congress with the clear message: "NO TO OBAMACARE!" Call Sen. Gregg: 202-224-3324, Sen. Shaheen: 202-224-2841, Rep. Hodes: 202-225-5206


Richard H. (Dick) Olson

Jaffrey, NH 03452-7105