Why are our legislators so complacent regarding our local economy?

As a concerned citizen of this state, that’s a question I ask myself on a daily basis.   I currently manage a territory of auto dealers throughout the state of New Hampshire and the sites I see are grim.  Every day I drive through the main streets of our state seeing boarded up businesses, large and small, and neighborhoods littered with for sale/lease signs in the midst of a declining housing market while we citizens live in a perpetual state of hope.  I talk to many small business owners who maintain that positive “Live Free or Die” attitude yet they teeter on failure due to heavy tax burdens and lack of patronage because of high unemployment rates and disappearing consumer confidence. 

New Hampshire’s most recent budget has grown by 6-10% while other states in the union have averaged a 5% reduction in their budgets.  We have seen more than 38 new tax increases with no end in government growth.  The most recent assault on our state’s small businesses is the LLC Tax.  As someone who deals with small business owners daily, I can assure you that this 13.5% additional tax on small businesses will have an adverse effect on our local economy.   I hear it every day from automotive dealers, “I have to let this guy go and that go etc.” or “I want to add more people, but I just can’t afford it right now” and, perhaps the most poignant of all statements, “This LLC tax is going to kill me and my business”.  It has become popular among liberal politicians to paint successful business as something evil to be punished.  There was once a time when being a thriving businessman was considered a good thing.  I miss those days.   The bottom line is that we need to cut spending and offer tax relief to New Hampshire’s small business owners.  This will give them the much needed capital to do what we need them to do most, create jobs . Our state government is driving New Hampshire citizens off a cliff with their irresponsible spending habits and we have a responsibility to step on the breaks.