By jamesm_asi

Nazi Swine. Are you godadamn mad people?  The casinos are good for the economy, END OF STORY. You hide behind religion and quality of life arguments. Hows the quality of life when working people get more taxes dumped on them? Your reporting is perversion of journalism at the truest form. The least you can do is report all of the facts and let sheep who read your bullshit make an EDUCATED decision on how feel. Perversion of the truth is no better than lying. JESUS DOENT LIKE LIARS.Go fuck yourselves!

Editors Note:

Received this missive via email. Seems someone has anger management issues! Do you think they spent more than a minute or two before deciding NHInsider's position on Gambling!

I do plan on responding to him but where to start.. So help out and leave a message for jamesm_asi!