ObamaCare Needs To Be Taken Off The Table

Dear Congressional members of New Hampshire,

ObamaCare needs to be taken off the table. All versions! Now! No talks. No televised discussions. Nothing... until Congress and the White House agree to START OVER!

I am disgusted by the deceptive tactics employed in recent days, including using reconciliation to ram ObamaCare through with no bi-partisan support. Such underhanded efforts are offensive to me and millions of Americans.

Also, as a pro-life American, I adamantly oppose any healthcare plan that will require me to pay for abortions with my tax dollars. Any government sponsored healthcare system with this mandate is bad for America and violates the deeply held beliefs of many Americans.

It’s past time to scrap all the versions of ObamaCare and start over with a constitutionally correct and moral plan with far less government intrusion.  I urge you to stand with a clear majority of Americans and oppose ObamaCare or any other plan containing an abortion mandate and "public option." I will be monitoring your vote on this bill.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. & Katherine E. Olson

7 School Street #D

Jaffrey, NH 03452-7105