Why Not Support Gambling

by Salar Reps

I read your article contacting NH council of Churches regarding gaming.  I have a family member who is under State programs and I also know many families who rely on Medicaid to take care of their loved ones.  None of us want to impose on the state for help but we have no choice.  If gaming isn’t brought into the state to help the budget deficit everyone, the DD population, the elderly, TBI population will not get the help they desperately need. 

It would be great if life was fair and good and everyone was healthy.  We wouldn’t need State liquor stores to sell alcohol and support and encourage people who are alcoholics, we wouldn’t have to sell cigarettes and encourage people to smoke and develop lung cancer and other diseases and we wouldn’t need to look at gaming to bring revenue in, not only to meet the needs of our less fortunate, but also help our state infrastructure. 

If the church officials have resentments against gaming they should also reconsider if they drink and smoke. 

Thanks for listening