Healthcare Bill; What a Sad Day for America!

Despite overwhelming evidence that they were acting against the will of the majority of the American people, a mere 220 people have opened the door to the path to single-payer, government-managed health care. Indeed putting the insurance companies out of business has been their goal all along. This is not about helping people, but about the beginnings of a managed society where the government is in total control over all our lives.

This 'historic' violation of the Constitution could not have been done without outrageous backroom deals, strong-arming of their own, secretiveness and exclusion of the minority, and flat out LIES about just what this bill will do to an already burgeoning debt and our right to control our own lives.

Rammed through on a Sunday night during lent, this bill will NOT improve the quality of your health care, will NOT save you or your employer money, and will NOT help reduce the deficit. It may NOT even improve your accessibility to care since so many doctors have threatened to quit, or students have promised not pursue medicine as a career, if passed.

One of the MOST frightening aspects of this is that the IRS, a division of the US Treasury Department, will now be in charge of overseeing your health insurance purchase and will have direct access to your bank account if you do not comply with the government's wishes.

At this very moment this administration is scheming to pass YET ANOTHER SPENDING BILL and a redistributive 'Global Poverty Act'!

There are 37 states trying to find ways to stop the Feds from requiring citizens to purchase insurance. Others say they will sue to challenge the constitutionality of the bill itself.


Richard H. (Dick) Olson

7 School Street #D

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