If Obamacare Passes

If Obamacare passes it will provide:
•  A $500 billion cut in Medicare
•  30 million new patients with no new doctors
•  Health care rationing
•  Protocols of care to deny costly treatments based on how many "Quality Adjusted Life Years" remain
•  Require the uninsured to pay $8500 to buy policies
•  Fine them 2.5% of their income if they don't
•  And send them to jail if they don't pay
•  Tax medical devices like pacemakers and automated wheelchairs
•  Force up premiums for all Americans by $2,000 a year
•  Add $500 billion to the federal deficit (by 2024)
•  Raise income taxes 2.5%
•  Raise capital gains taxes 2.5%
•  Cut reimbursement to doctors who order too many tests for patients

Please call your congressional representatives to stop this bill.



Richard H. (Dick) Olson