Illegal Immigration and Political Correctness

By Nick Fortune

Islamic brother demonstrating their way to peace.  This is sickening but allowed to florish  even in our USA!

This occurred in Australia, do you think it's not happening here in the U.S.?  Are we going to sit on our hands and watch our disloyal political leaders make them legal and then citizens after the fact?

We have millions of illegals in this country receiving welfare and social security checks, some of these checks being sent to their homeland while there are others whose children are receiving subsidies and grants that citizen's children are not getting. How many of these illegals are planning to destroy us and our country?

How insane are we to allow this to happen; just because it's the liberal, progressive, "politically correct" thing to do?  The liberal Democrats want these people here as they feel it will swell their ranks giving them more votes and more power.

All illegals and/or those who are deemed to be a potential threat should be on a master list; that should happen immediately, as well as securing our border.  Securing our borders should be paramount, it should happen immediately.  Let’s stop being the world’s policemen (for free) at our cost in lives and tax dollars, bring back our troops to guard our own borders.