By John O'Gorman

Rep. Bart Stupak, K of C, voted on 21/Mar/10 for the Health Care bill with publicly-funded abortions. It passed 219-212.

K of C Cardinal Sean O'Malley, OFM Cap. gave Pro-Abortion Ted Kennedy a hero's funeral on 29/Aug/09. He supported his 6 Caritas Christi hospitals in the state-subsidized CeltiCare plan with abortion referrals to Planned Parenthood ($0, $50, $100 co-pay), effective 1/Jul/09. PP are the USA's biggest abortionists - 305,310 in 2007 (PlannedParenthood.org).

In Dec ’05, he let Catholic Charities award Mayor Tom Menino, a Pro-Abortion Catholic who leads the Gay Pride Parade yearly. K of C City Clrs. Michael Flaherty and John Tobin also march. Fr. Walter Cuenin is a K of C homosexual hero.

MA State Deputy Dick Guerriero failed to suspend Pro-Abortion politicians I named, but signed an open letter endorsing Mitt Romney (R), who introduced gay marriage, flipped on abortion! Ray Flynn, K of C, fmr. Vatican Ambassador, voted for Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton (Boston Herald 6/Feb/08). On 4/May/08, Supreme Advocate (lawyer) Paul Devin, who gave money to Pro-Abortion politicians Ted & Joe Kennedy (OpenSecrets.org), ruled as “unconstitutional” a K of C State Convention resolution by GK Joe Craven to suspend Pro-Abortion/Pro-Gay politicians. Disgraced, Devin retired Feb ’09.

On 14/Jun/07, the MA Legislature defeated the efforts of 170,000 signatories to put traditional marriage on the ’08 ballot.

At least 16 K of C caused the defeat: Speaker Sal DiMasi, House Maj. Leader John Rogers, Reps Garret Bradley, Bob DiLeo, Stephen DiNatale, Chris Donelan, Chris Fallon (a Mason), Kevin Honan, Paul McMurtry, Charles Murphy, Bob Nyman, Angelo Puppolo (a Mason), Bob Spellane;  Senators Michael Knapik (R) (PGK), Tom McGee, Michael Morrissey

(Mass.gov). These K of C Reps voted $750K for gay programs in public schools. Senators voted an increase to $850K on 22/May/08. In Jul ’08, they (except Puppolo) repealed a 1913 law, thus allowing same-sex couples from all 50 states to marry in MA. By Jul ’09, 14 K of C politicians had signed in support of an access to all persons “Bathroom Bill” H. 1728.

Gay marriage is now in CT, DC, IA, MA, NH, VT, (introduced, later defeated in CA, ME), partly due to the inaction of MA SDs Vincent Rumasuglia & Bill Donovan. Republicans politicians (R), all others are Democrats.

Ten K of C italicized above have top Planned Parenthood ratings (PPLMVotes.org). Pat Korten, VP for Communications, said that Pro-Abortion K of C members are “irrelevant” (Boston Herald 11/Aug/2007). In Aug 2005, Past Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant told Ken Fisher, the President of CRCOA, that Pro-Abortion politicians will “never” be expelled.

Joe Mauro, Executive VP Agencies and Marketing ($386,321/yr, retired 2001), said on tape c. 1991: these Pro-Lifers are “real fanatics” and “radicals”. Anderson fails to suspend/expel the Pro-Abortion/Pro-Homosexual members. Bishops fail to excommunicate. Only 11% ($3.4 of $32.3 million) in K of C HQ Charitable Contributions went to Pro-Life, but $3.8m went to the K of C museum (kofc.org/eb/en/convention_2009/resources/contributions.pdf)! Emilio Moure sabotaged a CA resolution to kick out Pro-Abortion pols (CalCatholic.com), was elected Supreme Treasurer ($237,724/yr) on 9/Oct/09!

I was in the top third as a K of C insurance agent: Lancer E. Division Report, y-t-d June 1999. General Agent Rodney Shropshire, showing great hostility towards my Pro-Life work, reassigned me to a small, poor territory. Months later, he terminated my contract as a “failure”. VP Agencies, Tom Smith, ($405,643/yr), countersigned his lie. Letters to then Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant ($2,164,805 in 2000, on retirement) and SK Carl Anderson ($1,179,762/yr) are unanswered. Supreme Treasurer Deacon Ken Ryan ($208,181/yr) wrote lies, then claimed his signed letter wasn't his! State Deputy Tom Ledbetter suspended my membership. My appeal was rejected as “late” by Supreme Advocate Paul Devin ($387,130/yr), and by the Supreme Board of Directors as a show trial held without my knowledge. Both lied.

EWTN, March for Life, and Sisters of Life betray the unborn when they give prominence to K of C leadership who harbor Pro-Abortion politicians in exchange for tax exemption. To ensure no conflict of interest, insist your politicians treat the

K of C councils as tax-free and K of C home office as a taxable insurance company. Write/sign below and mail. E-mail:

BenedictXVI@Vatican.va,  Carl.Anderson@KOFC.org, or PH: 800 380 9995,  FAX: 203 752 4118


Mr. Anderson: The refusal to expel Pro-Abortion/Pro-Homosexual politicians & members, 52 million surgical abortions since Roe v. Wade (chemical abortions extra), requires the resignation of yourself and Emilio Moure. A vow to protect unborn children must be a membership condition. With $14 billion in assets, the K of C - the strong right arm of the Church - must forgive “Church Loans” of $124 million, lent at 5.5% interest, and help needy dioceses & Pro-Life groups.


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Mail: John O’Gorman, 30 Myrtle Avenue, Winthrop, MA 02152, USA for forwarding.

Please distribute this flyer freely by photocopy, fax and e-mail.  Donations welcome.  God bless you.  31/Mar/2010