Peter Bearse and the BARC RTC FORUM

May 11, 2010


THANK YOU all for being here.

Why does Peter run? -- (1) To help people and (2) To lead the way towards renewal and fulfillment of the American Dream. (2) supports (1). If a Member of Congress is to help move us away from a “Dependency Society,” he must lead the way in helping people to help themselves. 

What people most need is a Member who can demonstrate a new model of what it means to serve people -- real people like you, here in NH, with real problems in real places -- not unreal, made-in-media people playing go-along/get-along [GA/GA] power games in Washington, an unreal place -- a big company town bloated with power and money.

The Pro’s, those who have used big money and media to take politics and  government away from people  -- they have asked me: Why am I running for Congress rather than State Rep.?, and Why, as the only Dr. of Economics running, don’t I focus on headline issue #1 -- the Economy -- rather than on how best to help people? The answer to the 1st question is simple: Because the State Rep. job provides no resources sufficient to the central CAUSE that drives my campaign -- to empower people to take back what should be THEIRS -- their politics, their government.

As for the Economy, the key to economic recovery is not government, it is people -- entrepreneurs developing new products and services and building new enterprises. Here, too, I aim to help, as in the case of 2 entrepreneurs I have been helping during this campaign.

My economics reflect my politics -- building from the bottom up, not the top down. The attitude common to both is this: If you want to know how to improve things, talk to people on the shop floor, not in the Executive Suites. Even though I’m proud of my accomplishments as an economist and entrepreneur, I’m most proud of the fact that I’m the only one running who has been a lifelong political activist who has spent more time helping and empowering others than himself.

What does a better model of how to serve in Congress look like? -- It starts with LOVE: A love of people that is deeply rooted in my personal history and reflected in my book, like my campaign, a labor of love: WE the PEOPLE: A Conservative Populism. Why is this important? -- Because: The key question is: “Who will keep faith with people?” once in office, surrounded with all the trappings of power and money in Washington? Most folks elected to Congress go down to Washington with good intentions but end up being co-opted into Congress’ GA/GA culture. So they join the Club and start dialing for dollars from Day 1. Well, I’m not a GA/GA guy -- never have been, never will be, and I’ve joined only one club, Rotary, whose motto “Service Above Self,” I swear by along with some other sayings, two of which are:

Ÿ        “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and

Ÿ        “Money is the root of all evil” (especially in politics)

We need to effect real change in the way Congress does the peoples’ business. Real change is doing things differently, not just changing nameplates, underwear, or party labels. Any model needs to be longer on specifications than sentiment. I’ll highlight these in my closing remarks.


There is a new and better way you can and should be served in Congress. Notice that YOU are key actors, not just as voters but as ongoing participants in YOUR politics. Here are the highlights. See www. peterbearseforcongress2010 for more -- in my 21st Century Compact & Pledge to Constituents, where I pledge MORE & BETTER…

1. INFORMATION…that YOU can use… insider stuff that tells you what’s actually going on in Congress plus how, where and with whom you can intervene to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

2. MEETINGS, including a better model of  “Townhall” mtgs., Issue  Forums, Teach-ins, Debates & Issue Committees. It’s not enough just to listen.

3. SERVICE, including 2 more constituent service centers [to be financed out of my Congressional salary] plus constant, active outreach to voters.

4. CITIZENS’ COMMITTEES to tap constituents’ knowledge & experience on key issues.

5. CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM: to reform the “reform” -- down with big money; up with people. I am the only candidate to focus on this issue and propose a new approach.

6. MOBILIZATION OF VOTERS & PARTY BUILDING: Help Tea Party, 912ers & other groups to mobilize their forces to make a difference; Help local leaders like Alan Glassman to revitalize and build local party committees. Michelle Bachman: Move Over!

7. TAPPING CONSTITUENTS’ KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM: By way of Citizens’ Committees and application of social networking & collaboration software.

8. REPRESENTATION: I pledge to vote on the issues in Congress as majorities of my constituent would have me vote, not vote my personal opinions.

9. LEADERSHIP: On issues of the economy, entrepreneurship & innovation, where my education and experience can help lead the way.

THANK YOU -- for being here, for listening and, above all, for your activism -- the crucial ingredient so that, by working together after the election, we can save our Party and our Republic. If you like what you’ve seen and heard from me, please go to my campaign website, www.peterbearseforcongress2010. com. Click on “Contribute” to send money and/or “Contact” to volunteer, provide feedback or ask questions.


         PETER BEARSE, Ph.D., International Consulting Economist and Independent-Conservative Reagan Republican Candidate for Congress in NH CD 1


P.S. Let me use this opportunity to provide a couple of additions and corrections to my remarks during the Q&A part of the proceedings.

(1)   My first response to the question on Obamacare was downright dumb when I cited young folks’ ability to take advantage of their parents’ health insurance ‘til the age of 26 as one of the “good features.” I felt rushed to run down a list of pros and cons that I had forgotten to bring with me. My ending on this, however, was right on when I said that the way to kill Obamacare was to “use Congress’ power of the purse to de-fund it!”

(2)   In my response to the question of “How would you reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil,” I forgot to add that we need to put a price on carbon. We can’t make the same mistake we made in the late ‘70s – putting conservation and renewable energy development on the back burner when the price of oil went down. Remember, however, my pledge: That I’ll vote the way the majority of folks in the CD would like me to vote, not my personal views. So, if the majority don’t want it, I won’t vote for it!