Open Letter To K OF C SK Carl Anderson, 13/May/2010

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Your "Supreme Knight Message to State Conventions" video from the Holy Family Chapel in K of C Supreme Council Headquarters will be seen by tens of thousands of delegates, and then be reported back to the councils. It covers, among other things, the Year for Priests, K of C founder Venerable Fr. Michael McGivney, membership, insurance, charity and the Special Olympics.

Completely absent from your 10 minute speech (, or links below), is any mention of two critical issues: Pro-Life and traditional marriage.

As Supreme Knight since 2000, you failed to expel or suspend Pro-Abortion/Pro-Homosexual politicians and members. You have not mandated Hall Rental Agreements to prevent Gay wedding, NARAL Pro-Choice and Witch events etc. being booked. 

Mr. Anderson, you need to fire your speech writer, resign, and leave the building. Close the door behind you on the way out. God bless you.

Yours in Pro-Life,

John O'Gorman


Supreme Knight Message to State Conventions

Watch the video message shown to delegates to every state convention in 2010. Click here to view (Flash format).