Harry Reid Wants Billions of Dollars Put into Pet Liberal Social Programs

By Nick Fortune

Harry Reid is threatening to hold the Senate hostage over a holiday weekend until his $60 billion unfunded spending bill is passed. "We're not going to leave here," he said. Sound familiar? See below.  The Dems are in total control and don't care about the taxpayers they broke into the bank and they're not going to leave until they've stolen every single dollar.

Harry Reid is using an "emergency" war-funding bill to funnel billions of dollars into pet liberal social programs.

A key vote is expected today and Reid has pledged to keep the Senate in session through the holiday weekend until his bill is passed.

In all, Congress is rushing* to pass two massive spending
bills that include at least $150 billion in new unfunded spending.  And Dems are expected to reject Sen. Coburn's effort to require that all new spending be offset by corresponding cuts (that vote is taking place today as well).   * Fraud is always in a hurry
+ + Tell your Senators: No More Unfunded Spending!

It is the height of political cynicism to use an emergency
war-funding bill to push liberal social programs and expand the deficit by billions of dollars. "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," Rahm Emanuel,

The House and Senate "spendulous" bills this week include:

--$23 billion in a public school teacher bailout     The union connection against the non-union taxpayer.

--Extension of unemployment benefits through November

--Billions of dollars for more Medicare funding

--$4 billion in foreign aid to Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan

--$5.1 billion for Haiti   The American taxpayer is going into debt borrowing money from China* (of all places) in order to send precious dollars to foreign countries. * The borrower is servant to the lender. Proverbs (ch. XXII, v. 7). He who borrows sells his freedom. A German Proverb

--$1.7 billion for police and firefighters   The union connection against the non-union taxpayer. 

--$5.7 billion for Pell Grants
  ( Pell Grants are targeted toward students from poor families, receipt of them is often used by researchers as a proxy for low-income student attendance and to indicate the economic diversity of the student body. Thanks to generations of federal, and state grants, African American students now have more college funding options available than ever before. In response to the plenitude of resources, college enrollment among African American students is at an all time high, even though the Hispanic population now outnumbers that of African Americans.  Strong support for the education and social advancement of African American students has come from the thirty-nine historically black colleges in the United States.

+ + Say "NO" to unfunded spending
  What happens when you and I spend money that we don't have on our credit card?  We CAN'T do that; but the government can with our money?

Sen. Tom Coburn is drawing a line in the sand and saying
that any new spending must be funded with corresponding cuts.  If you agree with Sen. Coburn, then take a stand today and tell your two Senators and your Representative -- along with other key members of Congress -- to stop the unfunded spending.

Two ways you can contact your members of Congress:

Send your own emails to your Senators and your Rep and then phone them

Call the Congressional Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Talking Points:

#1--I oppose any new unfunded spending bills that are not
   offset by corresponding CUTS in federal spending.

#2--I am outraged that Congress continues to abuse the term
   "emergency" in order to justify massive new deficit
   spending programs.

#3--I strongly oppose the adding funding for non-military
   programs to the emergency military funding bill